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Advantages Of Video Marketing For Your Company.

Technological advances are currently used in a large number of industries to increase sales and improve customer attraction, and within the most common digital tools, video marketing is one of the strategies that offers more advantages to its users due to its versatility and the use of popular platforms for viewing, such as social networks.

According to data from Statista, already since 2015 "monthly global mobile video traffic exceeded two million terabytes. Also, the data showed a steady increase in the consumption of this type of data to stand at about 23 million per month by 2020".

Because of this, NAV Productions shares with you the main advantages of using or hiring video marketing services for your business:

Virality and trend: More and more social networks take advantage of the authenticity of this medium for its users to make short videos, which provides greater visibility for companies and represents a great opportunity for businesses.

Promotion: Through video marketing it is possible to explain concisely what services your company offers in less than a minute, as well as share testimonials from satisfied customers. In addition, the format allows you to highlight what your company does that makes it different from the competition.

For example, at NAV Productions we make videos in San Diego and all of Southern California for all types of industries, such as real estate, in which we highlight the most attractive aspects of the homes for sale depending on the needs of the real estate firm, a service that we now also offer in Temecula and Riverside, due to our recent expansion.

Effectiveness: Being an entertaining and visually appealing media, it is adaptable to different communication channels, on the other hand it is attractive, especially for potential clients of younger generations who are used to consume this type of content, so its effectiveness is wider compared to other traditional communication formats.

Increased traffic to the website or networks: Due to its greater visualization, exposure and the fact that it is an attractive format, video marketing strategies tend to organically increase traffic to your company's website, and therefore increase the generation of leads or potential customers.

That's why you'll want to consider using the video marketing services with NAV Productions.

Finally, remember that you can get this service not only to improve the exposure of your company or restaurant and social media, but also to preserve unforgettable moments such as weddings, important social events, engagements, among others.


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