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How To Find Your Perfect Wedding Photographer

If you’re planning your wedding, then you know a photographer is an essential piece to the puzzle that is your wedding day. A wedding photographer is just as, if not more, essential than your venue, the guest list, or even the dinner offerings—forget trying to sit certain people at specific tables. The photographer is the professional that helps you create the album that you’ll reference for all of time as one of the happiest days of your life. You want a pro to capture it, and one that offers great wedding photography packages, too.

In this post, we will share nine steps to finding the perfect wedding photographer for your special day. We get it, you have so much to plan and prepare. But how will you remember it all if you don’t capture it with photos? Continue reading to learn more.

Find The Perfect Wedding Photographer

Step #1 - Ask friends, family, and colleagues

We’re positive someone in your network of friends, family, colleagues, or acquaintances has either gotten married or been to a wedding recently. Ask around, and see if you can find a reputable wedding photographer someone else has used. Ask about their work. What did the newly weds think, feel, and pay for the professional wedding photographer?

Step #2 - Explore Instagram

If you haven’t noticed yet, Instagram is a gold mine for photographers and potential clients. Do you want the perfect photographer? Go find them on Instagram. Use the “explore” function and search: wedding photographer. You will see their work, find comments, and be able to DM them about their services all in one place. You can also interact with others who have commented on the images as well, asking them what they think, if they’ve worked with the photographer before, and if they’ve worked with anyone else recently.

Step #3 - Choose A Style

Yes, style is a thing. Not all wedding photographers have the same style. You want to figure out your desired style, and then go search for a professional photographer that can deliver on your vision. You can also search your style type on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to seek out photographers, too!

Step #4 - What’s Your Setting?

Not sure what your style is going to be? Use your setting to find a style that fits that vein. Shooting outdoors at a ranch? Find a photographer that has a body of work similar to your venue. Maybe your wedding is indoor and intimate. Search for a wedding photographer who has shot that type of setting before. With so many talented photographers on the market, you need to be able to filter the options to get the best professional for your special day.

Step #5 - Get Informed

You want to do your due diligence when searching for a photographer for your wedding. Ask about pricing. Compare prices. Discuss various wedding photography packages. Do they include video? What would the cost for a wedding photographer be at three, four, or five hours? How much is a collection of 30, 40, 100 photos? Do you get a pre-created album with the package purchased? Dozens more of questions exist, and it’s important you know what you’re paying for before you hire.

Step #6 - Ask Your Vendor

If you’ve already chosen your food vendor, ask them if they know of any photographers they like or work with frequently. Already have your flowers chosen? Ask your florist if they know of a wedding photographer they’ve collaborated with recently. When it comes down to asking your vendors about photographers, it’s all about who you know.

Step #7 - Do Your Personalities Mesh?

Yes, take the photographer of choice to coffee. Ask for a test shoot. Put yourself and your wedding photographer in a work setting, and see how your personalities mesh. You may find a phenomenal professional, but the two of you cannot work together. Sure, the style and the venue may be perfect, but if you ask the photographer to get certain shots and they argue, it’s not the right fit. Trust us! There is a wedding photographer perfect for your special day.

Step #8 - Review Their Work. Ask For References

Once you narrow your options down to two or three professional wedding photographers, review their work. Ask for references of past clients. Dig deeper than pricing and planning. You want to know the photographers recent history for jobs and reputation. Figure this out, and you’ll find a peace of mind you wouldn’t have felt otherwise with a professional you didn’t dig into. Finally, get proposals for the work expected.

Step #9 - Contract The Details

Make a decision on which photographer you’re going to use and then contract them. Remember to get all the questions and details out of the way up front. Secure the contract and rate. Determine the plan. Finally, set the date and move onto other planning details.

Nav Productions: Wedding Photography Packages

At Nav Productions, we believe that we bring more than a camera and lights to our shoots. We bring years of talent, earned experience across multiple industries, a passion to deliver the best work in the industry. So when it comes to capturing the perfect moments in your wedding, we will deliver. Our unique approach and editing process offers wedding couples a photo collection they can truly cherish. We offer a number of wedding photography packages to choose from for your wedding day. Contact us!

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