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Why Video Marketing Will Elevate Your Business

Did you know that nearly 63 percent of businesses use video marketing as a primary strategy to drive leads and build brand trust? Of those businesses, 83 percent believe that video is a mandatory piece to their overall marketing strategy. With these stats in mind, are you still hesitant to use video to promote your brand and build your business? At Nav Productions, we believe video is the future of marketing. More people are flocking to the internet to consume content, buy products, hire services, and more. The question then becomes, how do you get what you have to offer in front of them?

In this post, we’ll share the big trends that give even more reason to implement video marketing into your overall strategy. Who can take care of your video production? We can! Nav Productions is a videographer in San Diego with years of experience and an impressive client list. Our portfolio includes corporate events, real estate, weddings, lifestyle, luxury brands, and more. Ready to start filming video? Contact us today! Otherwise, continue reading this blog about video marketing trends to learn more

Reasons To Use Video Marketing

Increase Conversions Video marketing showed to boost conversions by nearly 80 percent. That means that eight out of 10 people that would have otherwise skipped submitting a form, contacting a business, or purchased a product decided to do so due to a video. Furthermore, it’s been shown that 74 percent of consumers purchased a product after watching an “explainer-video” about said product. If you think about it, vision is our most dominant sense. The concept that idea drives more conversions shouldn’t be that surprising. But what kind of business growth or brand reach would you have after implementing video marketing into your strategy?

Great Return On Investment (ROI) Businesses collectively state that video has a great ROI for their product or service. A study confirms that 83 percent of businesses agree about this statistic. Professional video production combined with a strong marketing distribution strategy can take your business to the next level. Whether you’re looking to increase brand reach, sell more product, or expose more buyers to your listings, we can help!

Grow Brand Trust What is the foundation of conversions and sales? Trust. Videos help build more trust between the customer and the brand. This means that they’re more likely to purchase from the brand or invest in the brand. Luxury brands, real estate listings, corporate events, and more all can benefit from video promotion and production services.

Search Engines Love Video If you haven’t heard, YouTube is the second largest search engine on the internet; second only to Google. Guess who owns YouTube? Google. So when we talk about video marketing, we know that using videos, hosting them on YouTube, and tying your marketing strategy together across various tactics actually works. In general, users are more likely to purchase something online if they’ve encountered video marketing at some point through their journey.

Consumers Prefer Video Content How long has it taken you to read this post? How long would it have taken to watch a video about this post? The answer is obvious. Video is able to take information and condense it into a shorter presentation period using visual and auditory elements. This is the secret to video marketing that businesses are just now tapping into. Videos remove a lot of the resistance between scrolling and clicking. A video engages, and then it can deliver on a promise within seconds.

Your Premiere Videographers in San Diego

Nav Productions is more than a video production company in San Diego. We provide a unique video product that corporate events, weddings, real estate, luxury brands, and lifestyle need to stand out from the crowd. If you’re ready to discuss your next video project, contact us today!


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