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5 Reasons Why The Most Successful Real Estate Agents Use Video Marketing.

5 reasons why the most successful real estate agents use video marketing

In the world of real estate it's important to stand out from the competition for the right reasons, which is why only real estate agents who are forward-thinking are the ones looking to grow and use cool video marketing strategies.

We'd like to share 5 ways on how to do this.

- Higher lead conversion: Videos, that are trending have a higher lead-to-customer conversion rate than other formats. A Nielsen study also confirmed an increase in sales, especially in cases where the video appealed to emotions.

- Potential clients know the property with a click: Impressive shots, the use of drones, the detail, and the use of video can showcase the property to someone who might be interested.

- The video can go viral since it is easily shared on social networks: Sharing is power! The more views the video generates, means there are more people watching this video. It's fast, concrete, and social media loves it!

- A lot of information can be covered in a short period of time: Price, bedrooms, space, location, and other information that about the property wouldn't be communicated as such if video wasn't.

- It is possible to highlight the unique characteristics of the property: Does it have a pool? Show it off! Terrace? Advertise it! These amenities and other features can be highlighted in the video to attract more to really show off everything the home has to offer.

At NAV Productions, we help you film this property to get it sold ASAP.

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