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4 Types Of Videos You Should Know

Video is one of the coolest tools today when it comes to implementing a marketing strategy, and for several reasons, but generally it's because video is a trending format on social media, so many marketers and companies want to know more about how to create a successful videos.

Here's a few of video tips.

Explainer videos: These videos describe personally what the benefits of a product or service are.

Testimonials: Current customers can give positive reviews about our product or service. This helps us by having a client brag about you on your behalf.

About us videos: Great way to communicate who you are as a company and what you are about. Potential clients are interested in learning about you and your company.

Lives: Going live on social media can be spontaneous but is effective. It can be dynamic and is usually short. Doing live videos allows you to make announcements, and keep in touch with the community.

The video should be short, concise, and engaging.

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