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Digital Marketing Trends In 2022

The marketing world is constantly expanding and to keep our business relevant and competitive. We must adapt to the changes and take advantage of digital technology.

This is one of the reasons why video marketing remains at the forefront as the leading trend for attracting customers, getting the word out about our business and telling the world who we are.

This is due to the dynamism of its format, the fact that it is a source of entertainment on social media, and its attractive style for the new generations, accustomed to the digital environment. These characteristics have allowed it to become the marketing tool par excellence to publicize services and products in various channels.

It is this visibility in the media that turn leads to organic positioning, as well as an increase in attracting potential customers and, finally, an increase in sales. That's why businesses that know and want to win use video marketing. According to Hubspot, 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool.

Another advantage of video marketing is that it can be combined with other trends, such as sharing quality content, which can be done in various formats, whether video, images, or text, and whose objective is to provide useful information through blogs or social media to attract leads and gain reputation.

Another trend in marketing is to implement artificial intelligence that is responsible for responding quickly and 24/7 to the questions of potential customers, as in the case of chatbots, increasingly present in e-commerce and which in turn allow cost savings.

In addition, the focus on the customer is becoming stronger in the market, to provide a human, empathetic, and more automated and immediate service.

Finally, video marketing is expected to be implemented in email marketing campaigns this year, to make them more consumable and entertaining for the target audience.

Many of the new strategies are based on video marketing because of its benefits, so it is advisable to implement it wisely with a top team that knows the subject, like the NAV Productions team.

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