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Tips On Promoting Properties For Sale With Video Marketing

Real estate represents a good investment most of the time, making it one of the most stable businesses in the market.

However, with a large amount o supply in counties like San Diego, Temecula, and Riverside, companies must find and implement more attractive ways to attract customers and stand out, so JR Nav, Co-founder of NAV Productions, shares tips for promoting properties for sale with video marketing.

“Video marketing is a marketing style and has everything to do with you, your brand, and who you are. The people who win in real estate understand the importance of marketing. Being able to showcase your properties online lets everybody know that you separate yourself from everyone who isn't doing videos .

You may think that there are a lot of people who aren't on the internet, but they consult this information with their kids, so guess what, their kids are on social media, and help their parents with these things. So, being on the internet is key”, JR says.

According to data collected by Hubspot, 87% of marketers who use videos claim that this format helped increase traffic to the website, It is, therefore, the marketing tool par excellence. To implement it in your strategy you can do the following:

-Promote your video online: Take your videos and promote them on social media, this way you can show your properties and more people will be interested in them.

-Run ads all the time: Not just posting. You can also implement a video campaign where you invite people to an open house, like a "coming soon" type of thing.

-Final video about the sale: Announce on your social media when one of your properties is sold with a video, showing the property and the price that it sold for. This way you will gain credibility.

“As soon as I post a video online I would get DM´s, I would get people asking me how much a video like that is, and if that's happening for me I know it's happening for other people. I see it in the comments when a client posts a video about a house. If it works for them it can work for you”, concluded the Co founder of NAV Productions.

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